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Cyber insurance is taking its place alongside the core commercial property and casualty insurance packages that most businesses purchase. Virtually every business is dependent on information technology applications, databases and computer systems. Indeed, for businesses such as online retailers, brokerages and some financial firms, their IT and data assets are their business and without robust IT infrastructure in place, they simply could not operate.

Any business that utilises the internet faces liability exposures that are emerging, evolving and complex.


Ptarmigan Underwriting Agency’s cyber insurance offering

The cyber insurance we underwrite is broad ranging – from first party costs such as data reinstatement, to the complete spectrum of third party costs, including Technology Errors and Omissions.

We can provide worldwide cover up to USD 10,000,000. The bulk of our current business is small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) but we also consider risks outside of this category, working with large household brands on an excess layer basis.

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Kevin Kettrick, Underwriter

Kevin realised back in 1999 that new exposures that were evolving in the digital world created an opportunity within the insurance market, and set about co-creating an insurance brokerage to cater for such. With cyber premiums worldwide now in the billions of dollars, he has been proved right. In recognition of this demand, Kevin is now writing worldwide cover up to USD 10,000,000. He has previously worked at several multinational brokerages, handling financial institution business.

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